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    Become a Mobile Personal Trainer

    February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

Become a Mobile Personal Trainer

Have you ever thought what it would be like to become a Mobile Personal Trainer?

Being a Personal Trainer does not mean you necessarily have to work in a gym, in fact Mobile Personal Trainers are becoming increasingly popular around the UK.  After starting a Career in Fitness, many trainers decide to venture out on their own, and becoming a mobile personal trainer is a great way to get started with minimal startup costs.


Instead of investing in hiring out a facility, and fitting it with thousands of pounds worth of equipment, in order to run a mobile personal training business you just need a few small pieces of equipment for your clients.  A small selection of dumbbells, or kettlebells are the most practical and can easily fit in the boot of your car.  If you don’t drive – go lighter and invest in equipment such as power bands, or suspension training equipment.  Any tools that can be used for progressive weight training or bodyweight training can get great results.

As you become more experienced, there is an unlimited number of Personal Training tools you could involve in your sessions, such as medicine balls, battle ropes, skipping ropes or even boxing.  Boxing in particular is often popular with clients as it involves interaction with a trainer, and something they cannot do themselves.  It is also a great way to incorporate more fitness into your sessions, without much running (which clients don’t always love!).


By becoming a mobile personal trainer you also have the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients that you may not normally deal with in a gym.  For example, if you wanted to target specialist populations – quite often certain clients would never consider exercising in a gym.  Working with children on fitness based activities is one option, or on the other end of the spectrum you could work with the elderly adapting programmes for those that would not follow a standard ‘gym’ program.  Many clients may not feel comfortable in a gym environment, and this is where you can help, running sessions in their home or outdoors.  Getting involved with outdoor runs and activities is also a great way to help and motivate your clients.


Don’t forget, in order to train clients outside of the gym, and to get insurance to run your own business you must have the Level 3 qualification.  For more information click here to see what Career College UK can offer.


So what are you waiting for?  Become a Mobile Personal Trainer today and develop your clients and skills to the next level!