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Career College UK only offer nationally recognised qualifications, exactly what is required to start your perfect career.  Starting a new career can be daunting, and we make the process as easy as possible by selecting the correct course, with the correct nationally recognised qualification.

Our courses are rigorously selected, to find the perfect balance between simplicity of study, whilst ensuring you learn all the skills you require to succeed in your industry of choice.  Depending on your course, students can study online, or face to face around their current work and personal commitments.

We know studying a course can be a big commitment, so we have also selected our courses to ensure they are the most affordable, best value, with payment plan options to meet every budget.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look below for more information about the range of courses we offer to get you started in a new career.

Motorsport Engineer Careers

If you are passionate about the automotive industry, don’t settle for average and work at the peak of the industry in motorsport.  Career College UK offers the leading motorsport engineer course so that you will have the skills to work with the top motorsport teams in the UK and the world.

As a motorsport engineer, you will have an understanding of all aspects of motor performance, designing, testing, building and tuning sports cars to for peak performance.  As part of a larger team, you will be able to specialise and develop skills in your chosen area.

As a highly skilled occupation, there is an increasing demand for engineers in all levels of motorsport, from national motor racing series up to the highest levels in Formula 1.  As with all professional sports, the leading teams offer exciting and challenging opportunities with a high earning potential.  Click below to find out more about this course and nationally recognised qualification.

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Plumbing Careers

If you are looking to develop a new skill and work in a trade, then plumbing is the career for you.  As one of the most ‘in demand’ trades, there is a huge need for qualified and skilled plumbers to meet the demand in the commercial and private industry.  As a plumber, you will have a balance of physical and mental work, analysing problems whilst undertaking manual tasks.

Working in a trade, you will have the flexibility to work in your own business, or gain experience working within an existing franchise or business.

Plumbers have a higher salary, more variety, and more opportunity for advancement that many other trades.  Click below to find out more about this course and nationally recognised qualification.

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Personal Training Careers

If you are passionate about fitness, then do what you love every day and become a Personal Trainer.  Everyday you will feel the rewarding satisfaction of helping others, and you will be able to keep yourself fit at the same time!

As a qualified personal trainer you can work within a gym, work outdoors or even set up your own business.  An ever growing industry, now 1 in 7 people within the UK are a member of a gym, creating a huge demand for high quality personal trainers.

The national average for personal training is £40 per hour so you can earn a great income whether you are looking to change career completely, or earn an additional income doing something you love.  Click below to find out more about this course and nationally recognised qualification.

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Dog Grooming Careers

If you are passionate about dogs and their welfare, a career working as a Professional Dog Groomer could be for you.  In a latest industry report, dog owners within the UK spend 10 billion pounds per year on their canine friends, in an ever-growing industry.  Qualified Dog Groomers with both practical and theoretical experience are in high demand, and by studying with Career College UK you will receive the exact skills required start in the profession.

Choose to work within an existing business or set up your own as a Dog Groomer – a perfect role full time or part time. With low set up costs – Professional Dog Groomers can set up their own practice, or even run a mobile service.  Around 60% of dog breeds require grooming in on regular basis and so working as a Dog Groomer can provide a regular and steady income of business throughout the year.

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Dog Behaviourist Careers

If you are passionate about dogs and their welfare, a career working as a Dog Behaviourist could be for you.

As a qualified Dog Behaviourist, you will be able to identify and avoid problem behaviour by recognising and interpreting canine body language, as well as implementing enrichment and force-free training.

Suitable for dog owners, walkers, sitters and daycare operators, the course will advance the knowledge of those currently working within the industry, and give those wishing to pursue a career in dog training and behaviour an accredited qualification valued by employers.

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Feline Care & Behaviour Course
Feline Care & Behaviour Careers

25% of the UKs population own cats, and ownership numbers continue to rise significantly year on year, creating an ever-growing industry.  Increasingly more regulated – for those wanting to work within the feline industry it is essential to have Nationally Accredited Qualifications to go with knowledge and experience in feline care.

As a Qualified Feline Care & Behaviourist you will have detailed knowledge in feline grooming, first aid, welfare, handling, nutrition, behaviour and psychology giving you all the skills to succeed in the industry.

Suitable for those working with cats in welfare charities, veterinary practices or pet care services, and a requirement by law for those working in a cattery boarding business, the qualification is perfect for both new and experienced staff and employers in the feline industry.

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Zookeeper Careers

If you have a passion for animals, wildlife and conservation, then a Career as a Zookeeper is certainly for you.  As a Zookeeper you are responsible for the care and welfare of a unique range of animals.

Starting a Career as a Zookeeper can be very challenging as it is an extremely popular profession.  For those without previous extensive professional experience, or a degree in zoology, veterinary science or conservation, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door and get your career started.

Career College UK and its partners are the only training providers in the UK to offer the Nationally Recognised, Ofqual (Government) Regulated Qualification in Zookeeping that you can study without already being employed by a Zoo – helping you stand out from the crowd and be able to get into your first role in a Zoo, Safari or Wildlife Park.

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Website Design Course
Digital Entrepreneur Careers

Career College UK’s Digital Entrepreneur course gives you all the skills, qualifications and knowledge required to get started, or take the next step in your small business.

In a digitally-focused age your website and digital marketing strategy is essential to success – and you will receive Nationally Accredited CIW Qualifications in these essential skills.  In partnership with Virgin Startup Bootcamps, students will also receive 6 weeks of business training from expert Virgin Business Mentors.  Furthermore, in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs, students will have access to Barclay’s state of the art workspace within their South Coast Headquarters, with networking, business workshops and support throughout the course.

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