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Become Nationally Qualified in Web Design, Social Media Strategy and develop your business with Industry Experts

Do you own a Small Business, or are you an Entrepreneur looking to start a new venture?

Career College UK’s Digital Entrepreneur course gives you all the skills, qualifications and knowledge required to get started, or take the next step in your small business.

In a digitally-focused age your website and digital marketing strategy is essential to success – and you will receive Nationally Accredited CIW Qualifications in these essential skills.  In partnership with Virgin Startup Bootcamps, students will also receive 6 weeks of business training from expert Virgin Business Mentors.  Furthermore, in partnership with Barclays Eagle Labs, students will have access to Barclay’s state of the art workspace within their South Coast Headquarters, with networking, business workshops and support throughout the course.

Website Design Course
Essential Skill 1 – Website Design

Whether you offer business to business, business to customer, or customer to customer products or services, it all begins with your website.  In this digital era, knowledge and skills in Website Design is essential for your business, to stand out from the crowd of stock websites, and to enable you tailor your website to the needs of your customers.  Custom Websites can cost tens of thousands of pounds to be built by agencies, so by developing your own skills, you can get ahead of the competition.

Our Digital Entrepreneur course lays the foundation for creating state of the art websites with Nationally Accredited CIW Qualifications in Site Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript and UI Design.  No previous experience necessary, you will start from a foundation level up to advanced Website Design.

Essential Skill 2 – Social Media Advertising and Strategy

What is next? Once you have a killer website you need to promote your business to customers.  On completion of your Website Design qualifications, you will study the Nationally Accredited CIW Qualification in Social Media.  Covering detailed social media marketing strategy, you will learn advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Pinterest and many other platforms.

Many companies outsource their digital marketing to external agencies – spending thousands of pounds per month.  By completing this qualification, you will have detailed skills to set up and develop your own effective advertising strategies.

Essential Skill 3 – Business Planning

In addition to your website and marketing, you will be taken through a 6 week Virgin Startup Bootcamp – unique and not available to the general public.  During the 6 week bootcamp you will design your brand, develop your sales and marketing strategy, forecast your financials and develop a business plan. Towards the end of the course you will have the opportunity to pitch your business idea to Virgin Start-Up which is a fantastic experience, potentially opening your business up to further opportunities within the Virgin group.

With the exact technical digital skills, business training, and workspace environment – you will have everything you need to jump start your business in 2019.

Internationally Recognised CIW Qualifications:

During your course, you will study 4 Internationally Recognised CIW Qualifications to give you the exact skills and knowledge you need in Website Design and Social Media Advertising and Strategy.

Course Location

Barclays have setup a national network of Eagle Labs that provide entrepreneurs, individuals and ambitious businesses with the space, tools and confidence to innovate and scale. They offer co-working and office space, structured mentoring, events designed to help businesses grow, and access to new and emerging technologies.

Throughout the course, students will have access to Barclay’s South Coast Eagle Labs workspace, which will provide a distraction free, but also stimulating environment to complete your CIW Qualifications.  The Virgin Startup and mentoring will also take place within the workspace.

The Barclays Eagle Lab is always hosting events from fireside chats to practical workshops and networking events; events are an integral part of the Eagle Labs experience and as part of your course you are also welcome to join any of the workshops.



Why This Course?

International CIW Qualifications

The CIW Qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised around the world.  Developed in the US – you will be qualified up to an advanced level, opening up future opportunities in Social Media Strategy, or Website Design and Development – where the average starting salary is £37,500

Virgin Startup Bootcamp

Not available to the general public – students will receive expert business training mentoring and support through a 6 week bootcamp.  Providing hugely valuble expertise and knowledge – on completion of the bootcamp students will receive further opportunities and support from the Virgin group.

Your Own Eagle Labs Office Space

Students receive access to Barclay’s Eagle Labs Workspace throughout their studies – providing a stimulating and distraction free environment to complete your course.  The state of the art facilities provide 24/7 access, networking and business workshops throughout your course.

Course Funding and Support

Delivered by NuYew – students can pay for their course in affordable monthly payments during and after the course so that you can focus on what is important – your business.  After studying, the NuYew team provide 6 months employment support – for your business, or to work in Web Design.

  • The CIW Qualifications provided me with a great knowledge and understand of website design and coding.  I thought it might be a challenge as I had not experience in this before – but it was quick and easy to pickup.  The Virgin Startup Bootcamps were great fun and very inspirational.

    - John Princeton

  • Cassie was very helpful in guiding me through the process and provided valuable insights to further develop my business plan and financial forecast.  This really helped me to expand my understanding of how the business would operate, and acted as a great check for what I had to do to set up and succeed.

    - Tim Sherwin

  • The whole team have been a huge help to me and my company. We needed to raise funding for new development, which they got for us … As a result, we have spoken to the people needed to work with big brands and the mentor provided helps guide us along the way. Would highly recommend.

    - Tom Le Mesurier

  • Website Design Course

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