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Why Become a Dog Behaviourist?

If you are passionate about dogs and their welfare, a career working as a Dog Behaviourist could be for you.  In a latest industry report, dog owners within the UK spend 10 billion pounds per year on their canine friends, in an ever-growing industry.

As a qualified Dog Behaviourist, you will be able to identify and manage problem behaviour by recognising and interpreting canine body language, as well as implementing enrichment and force-free training.

Suitable for dog owners, walkers, kennels, boarding and daycare operators, the course will advance the knowledge of those currently working within the industry, and give those wishing to pursue a career in dog training and behaviour an accredited qualification valued by employers.

How do you start?

No previous qualifications or experience necessary, students can study the Ofqual regulated Level 2 Award in Canine Care and Behaviour Qualification, or the Level 3 Award in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qualification.  Accredited by AIM Awards and Open College Network – the nation’s leading awarding organisations.

A Requirement for Industry

As from the 1st October, changes to the Animal Activity Licencing Regulations from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs necessitate that all staff working for Dog Kennels, Dog Day Care or Dog Boarding must have a minimum of an Ofqual regulated level 2 qualification in a relevant subject, or to meet the Higher Standard, a member of staff with a relevant Ofqual regulated Level 3 qualification.  These Qualifications Meet the exact criteria for the licence requirements.

PLEASE BE AWARE – many other companies advertise ‘Level 2 and Level 3’ named courses, but only Ofqual Regulated Qualifications  – with a Qualification Number – meet the criteria for the licencing regulations.  The most simply way to determine this is by searching the qualification number on the Ofqual Government Website

If companies cannot provide a qualification number, or cannot be found on the Ofqual Website, they are not Government Ofqual Regulated Qualifications.  Our Level 2 Award Qualification number is 603/1252/X and our Level 3 Award Qualification number is 603/4536/6.

Dog Behaviourist Course Information

Students study the theoretical aspects of the course online at their own pace. A combination of online resources and content is then assessed through short answers and quizzes throughout the course. Students have up to 2 years in which to complete their studies – however, most students complete the course within a few months.

 Principles of Canine Health and Welfare – Level 2
This key unit covers canine diseases and disorders across all different breeds of dogs.  Canine welfare needs and the importance of human relationships is covered.

Principles of Canine Behaviour and Training – Level 2
This key unit covers normal canine behaviour to enable the trainer to identify behaviour problems.  Canine enrichment and force-free training techniques and methods are then covered.

Canine Behaviour & Training – Level 3
Canine body language and common signs of stress and aggression and how stress can escalate into aggression.

Learners will gain an understanding of the body language signs and signals, unwanted behaviour that may arise and how to manage this with different ages and breeds of dog.

Care of Canines – Level 3
Causes of disease transmission and prevention, appropriate welfare measures of kennels, dog day care, breeding and dog boarding environments. Safe entry and exit management, essential PPE and the importance of environmental  stimulation.

Learners will understand basic health and welfare issues for kennels, dog day care, breeding and dog boarding establishments and how to ensure all canine needs are met.

Career College UK offer the most affordable Accredited Dog Trainer Course in the Industry.

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Why Us?

Industry Leading Training

Created by an expert team of animal care, welfare and conservation experts, the course covers up to date modern techniques and theories in the Dog Training and Behaviour Industry.

Ofqual Level 2 & 3 Award

As one of the most comprehensive courses in the sector, graduates will receive the exact skills, knowledge and accreditation to set up their own business, or work within an existing canine business.

Dedicated Tutor

You will have a highly experienced, dedicated tutor available to assist you throughout your studies.  Having a personal tutor will ensure you get through your studies as quickly and easy as possible.

Self-Paced Study

Complete the qualification as quickly or as slowly as you like – depending on your time commitments.  Most students complete the course in a few months, but you have 2 years to complete the qualification.

  • The course was so interesting with help available if I needed it. I loved that I could do it around a full time and very demanding job so that I could still achieve my desired grade.

    - Emma Charlotte

  • The courses are very interesting and fun, and the people who mark the modules are very helpful. Would certainly recommend these courses to anyone interested in animal careers.

    - Andrew Richard

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