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    Dog Groomer Earnings

    July 29, 2018

July 29, 2018

Dog Groomer Earnings

Dog Groomer Earnings.

One of the big questions we get about setting up a Dog Grooming Business is “How much can I earn?”

The truth is, it’s up to you. If you are willing to work hard and put the hours in, you can earn a great salary, or if you simply want to work part time the hourly rates are extremely high.

The average hourly rate for full groom within the UK is £40, which takes on average 1 hour to complete.  However, many groomers charge different rates depending on the breed, size, age and temperament of the dog – so it certainly is common to charge significantly more than this.

Around 60% of dog breeds require grooming on a regular basis so it can be very easy to set up a regular business of repeat clients if you provide great service and care to your customers.

Let’s look at an example: most groomers would complete on average around 5 grooms per day.  At £40 per hour this is £200 per day, £1000 per week.  Over 48 weeks (giving yourself a nice 4 week holiday), this is £48,000 per year before costs.  It is not uncommon for businesses to make significantly more than this as they scale, and employ more staff.

Many graduates simply look to work part time around their family or other working commitments, and you can still make a great income doing this.  If you were to complete around 5 hours per week grooming in your spare time, over 48 weeks this is £11,500 per year in additional income – not bad doing something you enjoy!

Setting up a new business can be a daunting process – at that is why one of the key modules in our Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming covers all aspects of setting up and running a successful Dog Grooming Business.  In particular managing your costs can be an important factor – and many Dog Groomers travel to their clients directly, or set up a mobile salon to ensure the costs to get started are extremely low.

If you would like to find out more information about studying to become a Dog Groomer with Career College UK, simply click here to find out more.